Community Ceramic Studio
A Studio Membership for Ceramic Artists

Powerhouse is a not-for-profit organization committed to creative expression. Housed in a purpose-built facility in Brooklyn, the organization hosts an extended network of art and fabrication professionals and educators who work together to co-create and share artistic practices vital to the wellbeing of artists and the communities to which they belong.

The Community Ceramic Studio will provide robust facilities and resources for experienced ceramic artists with a staff dedicated to providing guidance and support in navigating the studio and equipment.

We support communal knowledge-sharing while providing a safe environment where artists can focus on their craft and accomplish long-term projects.

Powerhouse Arts aims to foster a multicultural and inclusive community for ceramic artists. The space is calm, bright, and quiet, supporting a productive work environment. We prioritize a healthy, safe, and ergonomic workspace by supplying fresh clean air, dust extraction, and equipment which can aid physically intensive processes.

The studio is located on the 6th floor of our building on the Gowanus Canal, boasting floor to ceiling arched windows with a beautiful view of downtown Brooklyn and Lower Manhattan.

Powerhouse will offer ongoing tours of the Ceramic Studio recurring on Sundays at 11:30AM Eastern.

Our mission is to welcome a diverse group of artists working in a variety of traditions and techniques, with the ability to work independently. Applications will be reviewed by the team on a rolling basis.

If you are interested, please submit a brief application to be considered for membership in the Powerhouse Arts Ceramic Studio. Candidates will be notified by a Powerhouse team member directly.

Community Membership Options

Small shelf | $245/mo.
Approximately 24” W x 18” D x 18”H

Large shelf | $375/mo.
Approximately 48” W x 18” D x 18”H

Slip casting station | $550/mo.
Approximately 36” W space with a work surface and 3 shelves

Semi-private workspace | $795/mo.
8’ x 8’ space with a shelving unit 7.5’ wide 7.5’ tall with 5 shelves

Large Semi-private workspace | $975/mo.
8.5’ x 9.5’ space with a shelving unit 8’ wide 7.5’ tall with 5 shelves

Locker rental: $15/mo. (available as an add-on) 12” W x 18” D x 34” H (locks not provided)


Electric – Bisque + Oxidation Up to Cone 6

Individual Pieces | For Communal Firing

Bisque $0.03 per cubic inch

Glaze Cone 6 $0.03 per cubic inch

Glaze Cone 10 $0.05 per cubic inch

Small Round Kiln (23" x 23" x 22" H) $122 per firing

Medium Round Kiln (23" x 23" x 27" H) $229 per firing

Oval Kiln (46” L x 31” W x 27” H) $385 per firing

Front Loader (30" W x 30" D x 54" H) $486 per firing (Coming Soon)

Gas – Reduction Up to Cone 10 (Coming Soon)

Individual Pieces | For Communal Firing

Reduction $0.06 per cubic inch

Front Loader (67”D x 55”W x 60”H) $3,317 per firing

Front Loader (47”D x 38”W x 44”H) $1,179 per firing

Visitor Options

Drop-in: Can utilize equipment specific to visit after technician demonstrates proper use.
Hourly Drop-in rate: $40/hr.
Daily Drop-in rate: $135/day
Drop-in Storage $20/day for in progress work left onsite after using the facility
if work is ready for firing there is no fee for storage

Work 1:1 with a fabricator/ technician hourly rate: $80/hr.
Technicians and fabricators can work with artists 1:1 by appointment to help with specific technical needs, for example glaze sampling, clay staining, firing schedule creation, etc.

3-D Printing
$80/hr consultation (tips for creating files etc.)
$280 Minimum non-refundable fee for a first print, $80/hr after that
If a print fails, the initial fee of $280 will go towards a reprint of the form

Shop Equipment & Offerings

Our state-of-the art equipment offers access to a variety of processes including wheel throwing, sculpture/ hand-building, slip-casting, 3D printing, custom decal printing, electric, gas, and occasional raku firings. Powerhouse is nearing completion of its shop build-out in the organization’s new facility. Sixty percent of the table heights and most equipment is installed to be accessible to users with wheelchairs. Our gas and electric kilns vary greatly in size and our facilities are conducive to both small- and large-scale work.

Please email for further information regarding equipment and accessibility needs.

We are entering what we consider to be a pre-launch phase and thus offering adjusted hours of operation to better ensure our ability to run the studio without interruption. Because this means reduced studio hours for this pre-launch period, we are offering potential members a 15% discount until our hours of operation resume in full.

The pre-launch period for the Community Ceramic Studio is scheduled to open January 15th 2023.

The adjusted hours of operation for the pre-launch period are as follows:

Monday – Wednesday 9AM – 5PM
Thursday – Friday 9AM – 10 PM
Saturday – Sunday 11AM – 7PM

Access Note: The Ceramic Studio at Powerhouse Arts is located on the 6th floor and is accessible via a hydraulic elevator from the lobby and a set of elevators from the 1st floor.
If you have specific accessibility needs or have further questions, please reach out to ceramics@powerhousearts.