Community Ceramic Studio FAQs
Hours of Operation
Mon-Fri: 9 -10PM
Sat-Sun: 10AM- 8PM
Closed on Federal Holidays

Can I load my work into the kilns? Our technicians will be loading all the kilns, members are welcome to observe. If a member would like to load their own work they must arrange this with a studio technician to schedule a time.

Can I use the studio to make my own glazes? Yes, by appointment only. Artists must make an appointment with a technician in order to access glaze material. If this glaze will be for the sole use of an artist and not shared materials would be charged to the members account.

Can I use my own commercial glaze? Yes, as long as you provide us with the firing information.

Can I make my own clay? Yes, by appointment only. Artists must make an appointment with a technician to formulate and mix clay and pay for the cost of materials.

Is the Ceramic Studio open on holidays? Powerhouse Arts is closed on federal holidays. Limited access hours include the Friday after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and New Year’s Eve.

If I rent a shelf can I still use the slip casting equipment? Yes, all equipment usage is available to members with proper training.

Will you offer training sessions on equipment? Yes. We will offer a general orientation and more in-depth training sessions upon request.

Can I use my own clay/ glaze? Yes, but clays and glazes must first be approved by the technicians.

Can I bring my pet? Service animals are permitted on-site. Please email to discuss your service animal requirements. We cannot accommodate other pets.

Is there somewhere to eat in the building? Not at present. We can recommend a number of local food purveyors within the vicinity and you are always welcome to join our team in the communal kitchen space for lunch.