Interested in a career in the arts? Did you know there are thousands of jobs available in New York City in museums, galleries, storage and shipping companies?

If you’re interested in painting, photography, sculpture, video installation or any creative field, or if you like working with your hands, using tools, solving problems, and working with a team, this class could set you up for a career in the arts.  

It takes a fleet of trained professionals to install art works, and we will train you for these well-paying jobs!

From freelance work on your own schedule to a lifelong career with benefits, art handling is an entry point for sustainable employment. For select, successful graduates of our program, we will help place you with a paid position at a local institution.


This a free class          

Open to students between the ages of 17-24         

April through June 2019

10-week after-school program, 3 hours per week      

No prior experience necessary

Class held in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn (accessible from the F, C, G train)

Students will be paid $15 / hour for their time in class

Possible paid job placement upon completion of program