We offer firing and glazing services to artists working independently
Ceramic Pricing and specifications related to firing and glazing services for work that you’ve created outside of Powerhouse Arts are available below. Follow the link to submit a firing and glazing inquiry and a Powerhouse Arts team member will be in touch to provide next steps.
Firing Services

Electric – Bisque + Oxidation Up to Cone 6 (Max Cone 10 for additional fee)

Individual Pieces | For Communal Firing

Bisque $0.06 per cubic inch

Glaze Cone 6 $0.06 per cubic inch

Glaze Cone 10 $0.10 per cubic inch

Small Round Kiln (23" x 23" x 22" H) $243 per firing

Medium Round Kiln (23" x 23" x 27" H) $285 per firing

Oval Kiln (46” L x 31” W x 27” H) $770 per firing

Front Loader (30" W x 30" D x 54" H) $972 per firing (Coming Soon)

Gas – Reduction Up to Cone 10 (Coming Soon)

Individual Pieces | For Communal Firing

Reduction Cone 6 $0.09 per cubic inch

Reduction Cone 10 $0.14 per cubic inch

Front Loader (67”D x 55”W x 60”H) $6,633 per firing

Front Loader (47”D x 38”W x 44”H) $2,358 per firing

Glazing Services

We supply a sample board to artists interested in this service.

Custom Firing Schedules:

When renting an entire kiln, we work with artists to determine the best firing method for specific clay bodies and glazes (e.g. in some cases metallic glazes have more satisfactory results when clay is bisque fired to a Cone 04.)

The prices listed are for standard slow firings, any special requirements and additional research & development is subject to additional fees. We take great care and pride in our firing process, but clay, as we all know, can be challenging to control and at times unforgiving, therefore we cannot offer refunds for any unsatisfactory results (e.g., exploding, blistering, crazing, running, etc.)