About Us

A Hive for
Creative Expression

Powerhouse Arts is a not-for-profit organization committed to creative expression. Housed in a purpose-built facility in Brooklyn, the organization hosts an extended network of art and fabrication professionals and educators who work together to co-create and share artistic practices vital to the wellbeing of artists and the communities to which they belong.

Outside of building

Our Vision

Powerhouse envisions a society in which creative expression is celebrated and supported as central to personal and civic development.

Powerhouse’s vision for impact is rooted in three Core Values that affirm:

People as an infinite spring of creativity:

In shared spaces of exploration, communities imagine new realities for themselves and their neighbors. Powerhouse collaborates with individuals and organizations to support the creative lives of New Yorkers.

Making as a collective practice of possibility:

When we make, we experiment, explore, expand, and evolve. Making is a process of dreaming of new possibilities for ourselves and our communities, thus, igniting potential transformation.

Social justice as a practice of Powerhouse:

Culture thrives where justice flourishes. As a creative hive, we foster an environment where people feel inspired and empowered to explore and create within and beyond the walls of Powerhouse.


We are a team of people with special skills and individual talents who work together to support the needs of working artists.


We are currently seeking candidates. View open positions on our Careers Page.

Our Facility

The design for Powerhouse Arts reimagines the 117-year-old power plant to create a new contemporary art center that meets the multidisciplinary needs of artists it serves.

Powerhouse Arts Board of Directors

Laura Hanna
LaToya Ruby Frazier
Christopher Ho
Dread Scott
Michael Hurst
Elizabeth Buckley Lewis
Tracey Ryans

“I believe in the redemptive power of art, I believe it to be one of the finest things we have to help us understand ourselves and the conundrum of being. Art illuminates and reflects, reveals us to ourselves: flawed, struggling, torn or triumphant. It broadens our tenuous grasp of the world and our ideas about our place in it.” –Joshua Rechnitz, Founder and Board Director Emeritus 

Capital Projects Team

Gemini Arts Initiative
Development Entity of Powerhouse Arts

A. Liss
Advanced Scaffolding
Air Purifiers, Inc.
Alba Demolition
Breeze National Inc.
Building Skills NY
Currie & Brown
Davies Toews Architecture
Delta Limit
Eckersley O’Callaghan
Fox Rothschild Legal
Garden State Surveying, Engineering, and Planning
GB Geotechnics
Global Security Solutions
Gray Fox
Green Partners
JEG Inc.
JM3 Construction
Jobsite Design
KNS Building Restoration
Land & Sea
Level 5
Long & DeLosa
Long Island Fireproof Door
Longman Lindsey
Managed Air Systems
Manhattan Construction Group
Masonry Solutions
Michael N. Gussis & Co
Modern Transportation Services Inc.
MSG Personal Lines Agency
Northeast Energy Services
NY Gates
PortaGrace Manufacturing
Peace of Mind Technologies
Punch List Plus
Reg Hough
Risk Strategies
Rock Group
Spartan Electrical of NY